User rating
Pros: easiest to operate portability
Cons: does not have lights on its control pad to indicate the status of cooking

For manual slow cooking, the Crock-pot 600 Cook and Carry is among the best choices. It is ideal for those who have an on-the-go lifestyle. The food does not spill and will not stain the car seat. When the food is cooked, it can easily be carried anywhere. Its High heat setting allows users to cook hot meals, appetizers or dips, and snacks in no time. When the cooker is set on a low heat setting in the morning, expect that supper will be ready. Its pot has six quarts capacity and the cooker has three settings. Its overall design is stylishly sleek and beautiful that can sit beautifully on the countertop.

Features of Crock-Pot SCCPVL600S Cook’ N Carry Slow Cooker


crockpot 600 manual slow cooker 1Crock-Pot SCCPVL600S cook-and-carry slow cooker has manual settings for slow cooking. It can handle almost every slow cooking recipe there is. The manual settings have high, low, and warm to suit the cooking requirements and time constraints. It can efficiently cook stews, make chilis, and mixes sauce. But whichever setting is chosen and recipe prepared, users are assured that Crock-pot maintains the temperature so the food is perfectly cooked by mealtime. On a low setting, users can just add all the ingredients into the pot. Turn the unit on, and tend to other obligations. By the time they come home, the supper is ready and great-tasting. The warm setting is best when there is a get-together at a friend’s house so the food stays hot, but not overcooked.

Crock-pot SCCPVLS600S is portable and safe. With its hinged lid-mounted locking system and carrying handles, the food is safe to travel anywhere without spilling. It is perfect for a picnic, party at a friend’s house, or a family reunion. The lid is secure-fit to ensure the unit is sealed and the metal stays in its place in going out. It has rubber gasket to ensure the stoneware reaches its destination with the food intact. It saves time and space as well because there is no need to transfer the food to another container during travel. It has detachable stoneware that can also serve as a pot dish. Stoneware pot can easily detach from its base and can be transferred to the refrigerator or tabletop. crockpot 600 manual slow cooker 3

The capacity of crock-pot SSCPVLS600S is six quarts, which suits a group or family of seven. It can also handle a six-pound roast and almost all recipes for slow cooking.

Crock-pot SSCPVLS600S Ease of Cleaning

Crock-pot SSCPVLS600S manual slow cooker is easy to clean and maintain. After cooking, the housing unit is unplugged from the socket and allowed time to cool down. In cleaning, both the lid and its stoneware pot are washed with hot water and dishwasher or soap. The outer area of the electric base can be cleaned with a cloth using soapy or warm water.

Safety of Crock-pot SSPVLS600S

The concept of crock-pot is for easy travel. It is a cook-and-carry style without the danger of spilling and burning. Its locking system and secure-fit lid ensures that while on travel, the food remains intact without the slightest spill. These two secure systems create enough tightness to seal the stoneware and lid together. The lid is dishwasher safe, but not for oven, stovetop, and microwave. Meanwhile, the stoneware pot is safe to use with a dishwasher agent, microwave, and oven, but not in broiler and stovetop. crockpot 600 manual slow cooker 2

Dimensions of Crock-pot SSPVLS600S

The stoneware pot is oval in shape with six quarts capacity. It can cook meal for up to 10 persons. Its product dimensions are 9.9 inches x 15.2 inches x 15.2 inches and it has a weight of 12.8 pounds. In shipping, the product weighs 13 pounds. The crock-pot stoneware can be removed from its base and placed inside a refrigerator or transported by car.


The crock-pot comes with removable stoneware that can also serve as a serving dish.

Consumer Ratings of Crock-pot SSCPVLS600S crockpot 600 manual slow cooker 5

On average, the crock-pot SSCPVLS600S has been given a rating of four stars from 112 customer reviews.

Here are some comments to date.

    • Crock Pot is a tried and true brand, and this one won’t let you down.
    • Easy to clean, nice lock handles and the color suits my “santa fe” kitchen as well.
    • This Crock-Pot is very easy to travel with. The locks on both ends seal very tightly.
    • This unit is well designed, maintains a constant temp, and is easy to clean.
    • This crock-pot is great. It holds a lot of food, and the lid clamps on and seals to prevent leaking. The temp setting are really good, so you can adjust to keep warm or heat up very easily.
    • Uncomplicated controls and low setting does a perfect job if you have to leave it on all day. Love to … (read more)


The crock-pot is the easiest to operate for any manual slow cooking. It only requires three steps for perfect cooking. First, the stoneware is prepared on its heating base, then the ingredients are added over, and the crock-pot is covered with its lid. Second, plug the slow cooker into the electric socket, then chose the temperature setting—whether high, low, or warm settings. Finally, once cooking is done, the food can be enjoyed without overcooking.crockpot 600 manual slow cooker 4

Another selling point of crock-pot SSCPVLS600S is portability. It can cook, then be carried to any destination. Its lid is sealed tight with its secure-fitting lid and locking system. So no matter how bumpy the ride is, the food inside the six-quarts pot will never spill. The whole unit can be transported or the stoneware is removed for transport. Either way, the stoneware can cook and store food more safely and easily.

The concept of crock-pot is efficient to keep a steady temperature. Its features are consistent for all types of cooking, whether dressing, soups, or roasts.


Crock-pot SSCPVLS600S does not have lights on its control pad to indicate the status of cooking. The control panel is operated by turning its knob to a specified temperature setting. Another concern is the durability of the plastic parts found on the lid-lock system.


Crock-pot SSCPVL600S is listed at a price of $39.99 in Amazon.