7 reasons why you should use a slow cooker

question-mark-hiSlow cookers and crock pots have been around for decades. Many come with handy timers, attractive stoneware serving crocks, and can be easily cleaned. Here are 7 reasons to why eveyone should have and use a slow cooker.

1. Save your time

The slow cooker is a handy little kitchen appliance that is ideal for the person with a busy schedule. Slow cookers save you lots of time because they allow you to cook hands free. Someone who likes to eat healthy and has little time to cook,  he or she can imply throw your ingredients in this type of cooker in the morning and  return home to a healthy, home cooked meal that is ready to serve. Once you’ve got your food prepared and placed in the crock, you don’t have to stand around stirring and monitoring it. There is no more boiling or burning.

2. Cooking is Easy

Related to the previous point, using slow cooker to cook is very easy – just layer your food into the crock, set it and forget it! It’s seriously that easy. We usually set up our slow cooker in the morning before heading off to work and when we come home dinner is done and ready to serve. The low temperature of slow-cooking makes it impossible to burn food even if cooked too long. After you throw the ingredients in the slow cooker, it is hands free. What can be easier?

3. Healthy

Slow cooker dishes usually require very little or none oils. The reason is because slow cookers use water and a long time to cook the food and tenderize meats. Compared to frying food, slow cooker dishes are low fat meals and are definitely healthier than oily and greasy takeout.

4. Meals are Tasty

Slow cooking is an art form. It is a traditional method that tenderizes meats and melds flavors for delicious, effortless dishes. Slow cooking is perfect for soups, casseroles, pot roasts, crock pot macaroni and cheese, slow cooker beef stew, curries, and more, and the size works great for either single-person meals with leftovers or for small families. Crocks improve the flavor of a meal by taking less desirable cuts of meat or simple beans, and turning them into tasty meals by simmering in low heat and cooking over several hours.

5. Safe

Slow cookers are less dangerous than ovens or stove tops due to the lower temperatures and closed lids. If you keep your children away from the slow cooker and put the cooker in an appropriate place, we do not anticipate any risk due to the high temperatures. In addition, a lot of slow cookers have BPA-free parts, which means that you do not have to worry about this chemecal (someone thinks it is a toxic) substance.

6. Saving money

Compared to purchasing fancy convection toaster ovens and broilers, buying a slow cooker only cost around $30 to $100. Slow cookers can also cut your grocery bill significantly by allowing you to buy cheaper cuts of meat and tenderizing them over low heat for a longer time. Vegetarians can also cut their grocery bills by using a slow cooker to soak and cook dried beans – saving around 60% over buying canned beans.

In addition, cooking with a crock consumes around 250 watts of power while an oven can draw up to 4000 watts – depending on how you are cooking. This means that using a conventional electric oven for one hour can cost around 20 cents while operating a crock pot for 7 hours costs only 10 cents – an energy savings of 50%.

7. Ease of cleaning up

Slow cookers allow you to cook an entire family meal in one dish, so there is little mess to clean up afterwards. Cooking the meal in a single pot reduces washing up, and the low cooking temperature and glazed pot make cleaning easy. You can better enjoy your time with your family or friends and less time with dishes.

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